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The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast

May 29, 2018

On today’s episode of the Rabbit Hole we are talking about learning culture and just how vital it is to a functioning and successful organization. In an industry such as tech, where things are changing at the speed that they do, without a productive learning culture, there is no way a group of people, no matter the...

May 22, 2018

On today’s episode, we are talking about monoliths! That’s right, they’re back. Not quite from the dead but definitely from a deep sleep and the unfavored sock drawer. So why exactly are we seeing a resurgence in the popularity of this form of coding right now?

May 15, 2018

On today’s episode we are talking about the important topic of diversity and inclusion and to help us with our discussion we are pleased to host Derek Parham, CTO of JOOR. As much as is said on this issue, for some, it still may seem challenging and so we are here to try and clear up some of the troublesome areas.

May 8, 2018

On today’s episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast we are talking guilds. What are guilds? Are you a part of one? Why should you join or form one?

May 1, 2018

On today’s episode of the The Rabbit Hole we welcome back Tom Behnam to continue our exploration of machine learning. After the broad introduction of part one, we’ll be getting into a bit more of the specifics and addressing some examples to help explain the concepts.