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The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

Working longer hours does not result in greater or higher quality output. Rather, it is often how we spend our time outside of working hours that plays the biggest role in our performance from nine to five. These ideas are well captured in the principle of ‘energized work’ found in James Shore’s The Art of Agile. Today on the show we dive into the meaning of energized work and discuss our individual methods of attaining it. We are also lucky enough to have Raymond Lam, Principal Software Engineer at Ginkgo Bioworks, join us for the ride! We begin our conversation with the actual definition of energized work as it appears in The Art of Agile. The text also describes the concept in the form of a Haiku poem, and we make sure to include that in our discussion. We move on to speak about how workers laid the foundations for energized work before social distancing and how leaders can manage their teams in ways that encourage it in our current situation. Our conversation draws to a close with Dave, Michael, and Raymond’s personal rituals for winding down, with a highlight being that Dave’s dog does most of his scheduling for him!